Robert Villanueva

Leads the Cyber Threat Intelligence Division, Q6 Cyber

Robert Villanueva leads the Cyber Threat Intelligence Division of Q6 Cyber. Robert joined Q6 Cyber after 25 years of dedicated service in the United States Secret Service, where he specialized in transnational cybercrimes and headed an international Electronic Crimes Task Force. In 2002, Robert founded the U.S. Secret Service’s Cyber Intelligence Section, which coordinates global cyber operations. Robert currently serves on the following boards: Financial Institution Security Association (FISA), International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI), and the Florida International Banker’s Association (FIBA).

The Digital Underground and Dark Web – A Treasure Trove of Actionable Intelligence

March 17th, 2021

The Dark Web is home to many of the fraudsters and cybercriminals targeting financial institutions. It provides a safe haven for criminal activity, a

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