​​​​​​​​​​Fraud Essentials​​

FIs of all sizes must protect all channels from fraud without negatively impacting customer experience

​​Actimize Fraud Essentials is a cloud-based offering that provides industry leading end-to-end Fraud Management capabilities. Fraud Essentials offers real-time fraud detection, cross-channel analysis, multi-payment coverage, as well as extensive fraud alert and case management. Leveraging the insights and experience gained from more than a decade supporting the world's largest banks and FIs, Fraud Essentials is built to deliver a complete robust suite of fraud operations tools to help detect fraud perpetrated against multiple payment and transaction types.​

“AWS is a strong partner that has helped us build a secure and resilient platform for our SaaS Essentials solution and we have worked together with range of clients across multiple regions.”

Cenk Ipeker

Senior Director, Head of Actimize Cloud


Sophisticated AML-Fraud on the Cloud

Your FI needs the same cutting edge technology used by the big financial institutions to fight financial crime.

White Paper

Identification and Detectionof Elder Financial Exploitation

Financial crimes against the elderly make up the vast majority of financial fraud cases.


Integrated AML-Fraud Solutions

Learn about AML-Fraud SaaS solutions, powered by sophisticated compliance and risk technology.


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