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Transforming Data into Intelligence

Stay informed & Comply Confidently Using AI-Powered Tech

Today, organizations need to make decisions faster than ever, whether this relates to decisions on risk or potential opportunity. For accurate decisions, organizations need access to the right data, at the right time. However, the availability of extensive third-party data sources can make gathering data a time-consuming task, introducing the risk of errors when manually collecting information. 

Reduce errors and increase speed of data collection with X-Sight DataIQ. With this solution, you can automatically and quickly gather the right intelligence to assist in confidently assessing the risk of a customer and making the right decisions.

Get stronger Consolidated Entity Profiles for Faster Decisions, Using Richer Data From Hundreds of Data Sources.

Access Extensive Data Sources

Accessing countless data sources can be challenging and time consuming.
With NICE Actimize DataIQ, you have seamless, integrated access to hundreds of global data sources. Quickly gather and consolidate information on your customers and their counterparties from third-party sources at a click of a button.

Reliable Data Sources

Aggregate data from hundreds of data sources to enrich entity profiles

Inform Decision

Corporate Registry Data

Use the NICE Actimize primary corporate registry data to understand your corporate customers and manage risk

Always Understand your

Actionable Financial Crime Risk Intelligence

Financial crime compliance needs the right data.
X-Sight DataIQ aggregates content from a wide variety of global data sources
for a comprehensive and enriched view of customer and counterparty risk. 

Eliminate the need for time-consuming manual research by streamlining data gathering to return a single set of actionable and verified intelligence.

Onboarding &
Continuous KYC

Enrich entity profiles with aggregated third-party data and provide ongoing monitoring for changes that impact risk


Access the latest watchlist data globally from multiple list providers for always-accurate screening information


Speed up investigations through automatic gathering of third-party data for enriched entity activity assessment and accurate decisions

Actionable Credit Risk Intelligence

Financial Institutions must maintain accurate and reliable data on entities they do business with to meet modern regulations such as Basel IV, MiFID II, Dodd-Frank and EMIR. Gather the right information to meet capital adequacy requirements by applying correct credit ratings to customers.

Credit Risk

Create a single record from multiple internal silos and data sets and use authoritative data sources to understand risk. Better comply with data adequacy requirements.

Take on a new level of customer centricity and use data intelligence to quickly act on new opportunities and threats throughout the customer life cycle.

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