​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Holistic Behavioral​ ​Analytics​

Get the Complete Picture.

Regulators around the globe including FINRA, FCA and SFC require firms to uncover conduct risk and effectively manage the firm. Unfortunately, conduct-related threats often remain hidden simply because human behavior is difficult to model, leaving​ your firm vulnerable to regulatory violations and financial losses.​

That's why we developed Actimize Holistic Behavioral Analytics—an open and flexible solution to help front office supervisors, compliance analysts, and risk teams mitigate regulatory and operational risk by uncovering hidden behavioral threats.

Actimize Holistic Behavioral Analytics enables Sell Side, Buy Side, and retail brokerage firms to easily pinpoint individuals whose actions are putting their firms at risk. The solution does this by analyzing a wide range of data and identifying deviations from normal behavior. Plus, Actimize Holistic Behavioral Analytics is the natural complement to traditional analytics, allowing you to cover both sides of the compliance coin—known and hidden threats.

Actimize​ Holistic Behavioral Analytics is the right choice:

  • Open and flexible: Create custom risk factors and leverage out-of-the box ones.
  • Saves analysts' time: Behavioral data is correlated with traditional alerts in a single case manager when using both Actimize Holistic Behavioral Analytics and Markets Surveillance solutions.
  • Get up and running​ quickly: Actimize trade and communication data experts take full responsibility for aggregating and integrating your data.
  • Capital markets expertise: Actimize has a 12 year track record of success with the most demanding firms in capital markets. 

Uncover hidden threats, reduce risk, and save time.​

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