Financial Crime & Compliance Portfolio

As the market leader in financial crime, risk, and compliance, NICE Actimize has deep domain expertise and a global understanding of your most challenging threats. With a holistic view across the enterprise and innovative, flexible technology, we help you detect and prevent potential fraud, manage regulatory compliance, and identify money laundering threats quickly so you can stay ahead.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Rapidly evolving challenges continue to impact your anti-money laundering (AML) programs, including on-going centralization processes, an expanding regulatory focus on customer risk, and accelerating scrutiny of AML analytics and model efficacy.

Our AML solution suite helps you meet these challenges with end-to-end AML coverage, protecting your organization and customers throughout their life cycle. From onboarding through on-going monitoring, NICE Actimize offers customer intelligence that fuels superior analytics and detection to reduce false positives and automate investigations for smart and cost-effective AML operations.

Fraud & Authentication Management

Your customers are using more channels and demanding more services – and criminals are evolving to exploit your weakest link. Constantly evolving market trends require adaptable and responsive strategies to manage fraud threats, all while providing a frictionless customer experience.

Our market-leading fraud solutions run on IFM-X, the Integrated Fraud Management platform. Built on the latest technologies to fit into a modern ecosystem, IFM-X combines boundless data, agile analytics and transformed operations to prevent fraud in the digital banking era.

​Markets, Suitability & Conduct Surveillance

Today's dynamic financial markets require compliance in a rapidly changing environment. Financial services organizations have no shortage of challenges: regulations vary by market, country, and asset class; all types of communications must be recorded, stored, and available for replay; supervisory controls and conflicts must be managed effectively; and employee misconduct to be monitored and mitigated.

Our NICE Actimize Compliance portfolio provides complete coverage across the global financial markets, by asset class, market and regulatory jurisdiction. Our holistic capture and compliance suite of products helps ensure that you stay compliant, competitive and effective while lowering risk and the chances of fines and reputational damage.

​Data Intelligence

Financial services organizations need the latest customer insights to make informed decisions to reduce regulatory, financial, legal, and reputational risk.

NICE Actimize provides access to a wide variety of data sources for a comprehensive understanding of customers and their associated risk throughout their life cycle. Together with analytics, NICE Actimize data intelligence solutions help firms act quickly, with precision, and without compromising on risk or compliance.

​ActOne Extend

Maintaining and supporting legacy systems is a huge undertaking. The amount of resulting data disarray not only limits your investigation capabilities and your team’s access to critical information, but is also time consuming, costly and risky.

ActOne Extend empowers you with the actionable intelligence to gain a holistic view of risk. With the ability to consolidate disparate information from existing detection systems into a single view, we provide you unparalleled visibility across multiple lines of business, channels, products and regions.


NICE Actimize Portfolio

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