Enterprise Fraud Management

As fraud activities diversify with digital acceleration, financial services organizations are faced with emerging fraud vectors and sophisticated threats - all while balancing risk and providing seamless customer experiences. NICE Actimize can help you with advanced fraud detection and fraud prevention.​

NICE Actimize End-to-End Fraud Prevention

As sophisticated fraud threats make their way across channels, financial institutions (FIs) need the right fraud management solutions to proactively detect and prevent fraud, safeguard the customer journey, and protect both the customer and their institution from fraud schemes. NICE Actimize's IFM-X is the industry-leading integrated fraud management platform. IFM-X provides complete, real-time, end-to-end fraud prevention coverage that continuously adapts to new and emerging fraud threats. Fight fraud with NICE Actimize today.

Our fraud management solution includes:

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Anatomy of the Emerging Scam Threat

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Case Study

Global FI prevents €1.7 million in APP fraud

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Faster Payments for Faster Fraud

Protect your customers after FedNow launches.

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