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Gen AI-Powered

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Smarter, Better, Faster

Xceed FraudDESK CoPilot is NICE Actimize’s new Fraud Analyst Assistant that uses the power of Gen AI coupled with our proven financial crime expertise to help mid-market banks and credit unions fight financial crime smarter, better, and faster.

Focus on What Matters the Most

Xceed FraudDESK CoPilot is designed to do the repeatable, tedious hard work of alert triages, prioritizations, link analysis, and case narrations so fraud analysts can focus only on what matters the most—stopping fincrime as it happens, making analysts work and time more valuable, and protecting customers and members.

Xceed FraudDESK CoPilot

Create unprecedented efficiency gains on operational analysis.

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Increase operational
efficiency by


Xceed FraudDESK CoPilot is designed to assist mid-market banks and credit unions by augmenting analyst efficiency with instant high-risk prioritization and efficacy through natural language search tailored to fraud risk mitigation and case narrative generation.

Unprecedented GenAI Innovation for Fincrime Prevention

Language Search

Question and converse in natural language with the GenAI CoPilot

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Automatically triage
high-priority alerts

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Auto-Case Decisioning and Auto-Narrative

Auto-case and suggest
case narratives 

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Reports &

Ease reports, dashboards and generate real-time insights 

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