Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

You lack a full customer view – What risks are you missing?

Rapidly evolving challenges continue to impact your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs, including on-going centralization processes, an expanding regulatory focus on customer risk, and accelerating scrutiny of AML analytics & model efficacy. Our AML solution suite helps you meet these challenges by enabling integrated AML lifecycle management that delivers insight across the breadth of customer activities, ensuring smart and cost-effective AML operations as well as a positive, holistic customer experience.

Why NICE Actimize​​ for Anti-Money Laundering?

  • Focus – 100% focused solely on the risk and compliance needs of the Financial Services industry
  • Knowledge – deep domain expertise and intimate familiarity with the unique challenges of AML regulations, operations, and technology
  • Experience – a suite of industry-proven solutions and established best practices that have earned us the position of undisputed category leader
  • Partnerships – as a trusted partner to our clients, regulators, and the industry at large, we gain and provide insights that ensure our solutions remain at the forefront of functionality and risk management best practices

Suspicious​​ Activity Monitoring (SAM)​

Constant, comprehensive suspicious activity monitoring and detection. We offer you intelligent AML transaction monitoring to protect you against known and unknown money laundering schemes.

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​Customer​​​ Due Diligence​ (CDD)​

Comprehensive customer insights for new and ongoing customer due diligence. We can help you better identify, manage, and mitigate customer-related risks while preventing regulatory scrutiny and customer dissatisfaction.

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FATCA Compliance​

Responsiveness to complex obligations and extensive requirements. We help you establish an enterprise-wide FATCA approach that minimizes the risk of non-compliance and provides the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and regulatory requirements.​

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​Watch List F​iltering​ (WLF)

Unified and consistent sanctions and watch list screening. Our comprehensive solution enables consistent, global sanctions screening with high-quality alerts that increase operational efficiency, reduce compliance costs, and help you avoid regulatory penalties.

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CTR ​Proces​​sing & Autom​ation​

Flexible and automated currency transaction reporting management. We can help you to act quickly and report accurately when issues arise, avoiding fines, and damage for non-compliance while minimizing costs and the need for manual intervention.​​​

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AML for MSBs

AML Solutions for Money Service Businesses. A Proven suite of anti-money laundering solutions to help MSBs establish and enforce compliant processes and procedures.

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Anti-Money Laundering