Intelligent Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

Respond to Market Changes, Achieve Coverage, Reduce Costs

Today’s regulatory landscape continues to pressure financial organizations to do even more as their product offerings, where they do business, and their corresponding business processes become more complicated. And financial organizations continually seek to deter regulatory scrutiny, fines, and reputational damage through consistent controls and proactive risk management and mitigation.

Financial organizations need scalable, agile, and automated compliance programs that can react to new threats quickly and cost-effectively. To achieve this, financial organizations can apply innovative technology, like robotic process automation, machine learning, and advanced analytics, to their AML compliance programs to help realize needed efficiency and productivity gains and effectively reduce the cost of compliance.

Why NICE Actimize for Anti-Money Laundering?

Actimize’s Intelligent AML Solution Suite empowers organizations to proactively manage end-to-end AML risk by intelligently and efficiently correlating financial crime activities. Through innovative technology, financial organizations ensure cost-effective AML operations for a positive, holistic customer experience.

Protect with a Scalable AML Solution

A complete AML suite with an open and extensible architecture is able to grow and scale with your organization, offering the best long-term investment protection. Technology innovations like advanced analytics, anomaly detection, network risk intelligence, and machine learning ensure coverage for regulatory and internal risk changes. Armed with the ability to use any type of data from any source, financial organizations benefit through a self-sufficient compliance program that supports strategic business growth.

Achieve High Quality Alerts with an “Analytics Everywhere” Approach

Actimize takes an “analytics everywhere” approach to its AML suite, meaning every layer of the system is built with comprehensive out-of-the-box coverage for tuning, detection and investigations. As a result, alert quality is increased, false positives are reduced, and tuning, testing, data acquisition, and model deployment are fast and efficient. With NICE Actimize, financial organizations can ensure that they comply with model risk management and governance requirements.

Intelligent Automation Applied to AML

NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA) lowers the cost of compliance by automating the repetitive elements of your program. Applying automation to investigations, due diligence, and reporting operations to speed up investigations and reduce human error.

Suspicious​​ Activity Monitoring (SAM)​

Comprehensive suspicious activity monitoring and detection. We offer you intelligent AML transaction monitoring to protect against known and unknown money laundering schemes.

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​Customer​​​ Due Diligence​ (CDD)​

Centralized customer insights for new and ongoing KYC, customer due diligence, and enhanced due diligence. We can help you better identify, manage, and mitigate customer-related risks while preventing regulatory scrutiny and customer dissatisfaction.

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​Watch List F​iltering​ (WLF)

Unified and consistent sanctions and watch list screening. Our comprehensive solution enables consistent, global sanctions screening with high-quality alerts that help you avoid regulatory penalties, increase operational efficiency, and reduce compliance costs.

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CTR ​Proces​​sing & Autom​ation​

Flexible and automated currency transaction reporting management. We can help you to act quickly and report accurately when issues arise, avoiding fines, and damage for non-compliance while minimizing costs and the need for manual intervention.​​​

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FATCA Compliance​

Responsiveness to complex obligations and extensive requirements. We help you establish an enterprise-wide FATCA approach that minimizes the risk of non-compliance and provides the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and regulatory requirements.

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AML for MSBs

AML Solutions for Money Service Businesses. A proven suite of anti-money laundering solutions to help MSBs establish and enforce compliant processes and procedures.

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