Customer Due Diligence

Know your customers. Know your risk.
Know how to conduct effective CDD.

Effective Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requires an accurate risk assessment of your customer from Day One, as well as precise ongoing monitoring of changes in customer risk during their relationship with your organization. 

CDD-X is an end-to-end solution, enabling you to have confidence that you understand your customer and their risks throughout the customer life cycle.

Risk Assess Your Customers with Confidence.

Build Accurate Customer Profiles

Gain a holistic picture of your customer and their risks.
With NICE Actimize’s integrated technology and data intelligence tools, you have the power to build complete, accurate and consolidated entity profiles.

Data Intelligence

Enrich entity profiles with aggregated third-party data

Understand Your

Identity Resolution

Deduplicate entity records and identify hidden connections

Consolidate Customer

Network Analytics

Identify direct and indirect customer relationships and associations

Assess Relationship

Better Assess Customer Risk

Take a risk-based approach to CDD and wholly understand your customers’ risks with NICE Actimize CDD-X.  

Customer Segmentation

AI-driven segmentation enables an enhanced risk-based approach

Targeted Approach

Customer Risk Assessments

Comprehensive risk assessments with extensive risk factors

Accurate Risk Scores

Entity Centric View

Visual and comprehensive view of customers, notable risk and related parties

Intuitive Insights

Optimize Ongoing Monitoring and Risk Assessments

Optimize how you take a continuous approach to manage risk throughout
the customer life cycle with CDD-X. Be proactive and monitor for changes, adjusting risk scores as event-driven risk changes occur. Understand the impact of setting changes to risk factors with CDD-X’s simulation capability to make confident and informed decisions.

Risk Monitoring

Enhance Customer Life Cycle Risk Management (CLRM) with event driven risk monitoring,  leveraging AI and machine learning

Understand Risk Across the
Customer Life Cycle


Simulate impact of risk factor changes on your operations, using production data before implementation

Be Prepared with
Easy Impact Analysis

Have Confidence that You have an Always Accurate Assessment of Your Customers' Risk Profiles

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