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Fraud Detection & Prevention

The NICE Actimize Blog is a series of opinion and news analysis articles addressing global issues in financial crime and capital markets compliance. The Actimize Fraud team blogs about the latest issues relating to fraud detection and prevention.

Orchestrating a Successful Authentication Management Strategy

October 21st, 2020

Balancing security, usability and cost efficiency key to deploying effective authentication management

COVID Phishing, Smishing and Vishing tactics are escalating

August 17th, 2020

Learn how to protect personal, business and other sensitive information from COVID phishing, smishing and vishing fraud scams.

Combatting Emerging COVID Spoofing Attacks

August 11th, 2020

Learn how to protect sensitive information from COVID spoofing, including COVID email spoofing or COVID phishing.

Challenges and Opportunities in Fraud and AML

June 5th, 2020

With COVID-19 and the recent CARES Act, fraud and AML teams need to quickly address the rapidly evolving financial crime landscape.

Financial Fraud Scams: What Should Banks Do to Intervene?

August 29th, 2019

The recent breaking news story that identified the FBI's takedown of a fraud ring that was using romance scams and fake business emails to

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