Fraud & Authentication Management
Balancing risk with seamless customer experiences​

As fraud activities diversify with digital acceleration, financial services organizations are faced with new and emerging fraud vectors and sophisticated fraud risks.​

NICE Actimize End-to-End Fraud Prevention

IFM-X, the industry-leading integrated fraud management platform, provides complete, real-time, end-to-end fraud prevention coverage that continuously adapts to new and emerging fraud threats now and in the future.

What's New?​​


Prevent Authorized Push Payment Fraud

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The Power of Always on AI

Learn how to use the benefits of AI to fight fincrime.

White Paper

Fighting Financial Fraud During Extraordinary Times

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Customer Experience and the Emotional Toll of Fraud

Learn how to fight fraud and protect your customers.


Your Guide to Advanced Fraud Protection

Use AI to effectively and efficiently fight fraud.

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