Enterprise Fraud Management

Agile Fraud Protection that Evolves Alongside the Threat Landscape

Fraud activities are diversifying due to digital acceleration, exposing financial services organizations (FSOs) to new and emerging fraud vectors and sophisticated fraud risks. This presents challenges for FSOs as they attempt to balance risk against delivering seamless, frictionless digital banking experiences to enable continual, safe account growth.

IFM-X, the industry-leading integrated fraud management platform from NICE Actimize, provides complete, real-time, end-to-end fraud prevention coverage that continuously adapts to new and emerging fraud threats now and in the future. FSOs can use agile advanced analytics and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to protect the customer life cycle across all channels and payment types.

Benefits of IFM-X End-to-End Fraud Prevention:

  • Detect fraud earlier to reduce customer impact and direct fraud losses via a connected fraud data ecosystem that orchestrates and enriches data using advanced AI.
  • Prevent stolen IDs, synthetic IDs and mule risk at origination and early account phase with New Account Fraud.
  • Unify fraud and authentication management to execute real-time risk decisioning, stop account takeover attacks, and enhance the customer experience with Authentication Management.
  • Support real-time payments and protect any payment type – with an omni-channel approach to monitoring the entire payment life cycle with Payments Fraud.
  • Detect fraudulent employee activity and violation of corporate policy and build appropriate investigation cases with Employee Fraud.

​​​Authentication Management

The brains behind a better authentication experience. Manage your customers’ authentication processes across all channels with real-time risk-based decisions, enhancing both fraud detection and customer experience.​​​​​

​​​New Account Fraud

Protect against stolen and synthetic identity fraud. Extend fraud coverage earlier to now start at the application stage to provide identity proofing, than moving into early account monitoring and finally a seamless transition to ongoing monitoring.

​​​Dark Web Intelligence

Proactively defend customers when they’re unknowingly compromised. Using Dark Web intelligence, NICE Actimize delivers real, actionable data on your customers’ compromised accounts before they are attacked.​​​​​

​​​Digital Ba​​nking Fraud​

Optimized fraud defenses for the ever-changing digital banking environment. Our Digital Banking Fraud Hub helps you simplify your overall approach to fraud management while improving customer experience and protecting you and your customers.​​​​​

​​​​​​Payment Fr​​aud​

Specific, extensible fraud protection for all of your payment types. Allow good customer transactions to process faster and without disruption, ensuring a customer-convenient approach to payment fraud protection.​​​

​​​Advanced Fraud Analytics

Fraud changes fast – your analytics must keep up. ActimizeWatch for cloud-based analytics optimization using market-wide intelligence to proactively optimize analytics.

​​​​​Card & Emerging Payments Fraud​

Fraud protection for traditional and emerging payment forms. Protect your institution from fraud liability and negative brand reputation.

​​​​​Check Fraud​​

Detection and prevention of check fraud for faster funds availability. Avoid the risks of fraudsters looking to deliberately manipulate check deposits and defraud your bank. Protect your bank from risk while satisfying legitimate customers with faster funds availability.​

​​​Internal T​hreats​

Comprehensive and effective employee fraud monitoring. Reduce internal risk and fraud threats with the ability to identify multiple types of violations and build effective cases to protect your organization.

​​​​​Fraud Essentials

A SaaS fraud management solution to meet your unique needs. Fraud Essentials offers real-time fraud detection, cross-channel analysis, multi-payment coverage, as well as extensive fraud alert and case management.


IFM-X Dark Web Intelligence

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