Managed Analytics Services

ActimizeWatch Compliance is a unique end-to-end managed analytics service designed to improve a firm’s agility, detection accuracy and overall compliance effectiveness. ActimizeWatch Compliance’s two prong approach will help firms continuously fine-tune its detection capabilities, and navigate an everchanging landscape of risks, without straining resources.

1. Model Optimization Services

Our Model Optimization Services team is the perfect complement to your in-house resources. Consisting of data scientists, linguistics experts, and compliance subject matter experts (former traders, compliance officers and legal professionals), our Model Optimization Services team has decades of experience in regulatory compliance, cloud computing, speech analytics, machine learning, and predictive and language modeling.

With ActimizeWatch’s Model Optimization Services your firm is assured of the most up-to-date and accurate detection models, without the hassle and added work. Model optimizations that previously took months or years to develop can now be implemented in days or weeks.

How it Works

On a periodic basis, our team of experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your data and assess how well your detection models are performing, meet with you to review the findings, update and fine-tune models as needed, and implement those new models in your environment either on premise or in the cloud). This oneof-a-kind service is offered as an overlay to NICE Actimize’s market-leading Communication Surveillance, Markets Surveillance, and Sales Practices & Suitability Solutions, so your firm can optimize compliance across all surveillance modalities and business areas.

2. Behavioral Anomaly Detection

Today’s prescriptive models are very effective for detecting known risks. But what if you don’t know what you’re looking for?

The reality is – risk is a moving target. As regulated employees devise new schemes and become more sophisticated at averting detection, traditional detection methods aren’t always enough. NICE Actimize’s Behavioral Anomaly Detection bridges this gap.

How it Works

Behavioral Anomaly Detection uses unsupervised machine learning models to detect behavior anomalies in regulated employee transactions and communications. Traditional detection methods look for known things (e.g. a specific set of terms, used in a specific context, within a specific timeframe).

Behavioral Anomaly Detection is fundamentally different. It establishes a profile of normal behavior (for example, for a specific regulated user or group of monitored employees), related to communications and transactions. In the case of Sales Practices & Suitability, profiles can be established for individual advisors and groups of advisors, and for accounts as well.

Behavioral Anomaly Detection then uses these profiles to flag when things happen that are outside of the norm (anomalies). For example, is a trader or wealth advisor behaving differently than they’ve historically behaved? Or is that individual’s behavior deviating from the group?

Discovered anomalies are then presented to the compliance analyst on a dashboard. The analyst can drill down into the data, investigate further, and escalate issues as needed. Newly identified and confirmed risks can also be fed back into the detection model to enhance and retrain it. Behavioral Anomaly Detection takes machine learning to next level to help suspicious behaviors bubble to the surface, so your firm can always stay a step ahead of risk.