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Automatically and Accurately Reconstruct Entire Trades

The latest global-reaching financial regulations demand far more meticulous monitoring of transaction processes with comprehensive collection of trade data and communication records. In most cases, banks must be able to gather evidence and reconstruct a timeline of events related to trades within 72 hours of the request.

The Trade Reconstruction solution is part of the SURVEIL-X Holistic Surveillance platform and dramatically simplifies the reconstruction of a trade by normalizing, analyzing, indexing and correlating data across ALL structured and unstructured data sources.

White Paper

The Complete Guide to Trade Reconstruction

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Aggregate, Analyze and Act on All Trade-related Data and Communications


  • Aggregate all data in a single solution including trading alerts, orders, trades, executions, voice, mobile, email, chat communications and more
  • Index, clean, standardize and enrich the data to speed up the reconstruction process
  • Convert voice conversations to text
  • Centralized Discovery – perform full searches across all data in a central, easy-to-use interface


  • Sort and categorize the data automatically using big data analytics
  • Use machine-driven correlation to instantly find related trade conversations and content across 100% of the data within the system
  • Create full trade event reconstruction with timeline review
  • The automated trade reconstruction returns all potential data elements of a trade from one search, saving time. No more time-wasting searches over multiple databases


  • Analysts and Investigators are now able to identify potential anomalies in visual result sets
  • Share and escalate information with policy-driven workflows that are triggered with automated actions – collaborate, attach relevant information, track access to data
  • Reduce process turnaround from hours to minutes
  • Reduce costs

Trade Reconstruction

The automated Trade Reconstruction solution increases productivity and meets strict deadlines by reconstructing trades in a fraction of the time when compared to manual processes. Invest saved time into review to uncover and manage risks.
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