The automated Trade Reconstruction solution increases productivity and meets strict deadlines by reconstructing trades in a fraction of the time when compared to manual processes. Invest saved time into review to uncover and manage risks.


  • Aggregate all data in a single solution including trading alerts, orders, trades, executions, voice, mobile, email, chat communications and more
  • Index, clean, standardize and enrich the data to speed up the reconstruction process
  • Convert voice conversations to text
  • Centralized Discovery – perform full searches across all data in a central, easy-to-use interface


  • Sort and categorize the data automatically using big data analytics
  • Use machine-driven correlation to instantly find related trade conversations and content across 100% of the data within the system
  • Create full trade event reconstruction with timeline review
  • The automated trade reconstruction returns all potential data elements of a trade from one search, saving time. No more time-wasting searches over multiple databases


  • Analysts and Investigators are now able to identify potential anomalies in visual result sets
  • Share and escalate information with policy-driven workflows that are triggered with automated actions – collaborate, attach relevant information, track access to data
  • Reduce process turnaround from hours to minutes
  • Reduce costs