Total Trading Recording Management

Today's trading floors face strict Trading Regulations requiring the capture and archiving of all trade communications of regulated employees. Plus the ability to easily access the information in respond to compliance queries in a timely manner.

NICE Trading Recording (NTR) is a solution that can centrally manage all the firms’ voice recordings of front-office, middle-office, back-office, including Mobile Phones, Cisco, Skype for Business and MS Teams.

One Recording Solution for All Types of Recording

Secure, Scalable and Flexible

Rigorous Recording and Monitoring of All Regulated Users

NICE Trading Recording (NTR) supports dynamic recording based on the compliance policies of financial institutions, ensuring a lower total cost of ownership than traditional blanket recording methods. It incorporates the secure, automated capture and retention, instant retrieval, advanced search, and monitoring for all voice interactions that customers of NICE have come to depend on over the last three decades.


Fail-safe data storage is a key regulatory requirement. NTR provides the highest level of secure storage, using 256-bit Rijndael AES audio encryption, coupled with MD5 fingerprinting to secure all audio files against unauthorized alteration or editing. Managed retention and litigation hold can be set for all storage media. Call data can be archived to any network storage device and accessed via the browser-based GUI. The system administrator has full control over access to all recorded calls.


Flexible, scalable architecture allows IT managers to easily deploy the platform and grow it as recording needs change. The same solution can scale from small branch to centralized multi-data center recording requirements allowing firms to standardize a single platform across their locations reducing complexity, management resource and cost of ownership.


To eliminate hardware and software integration issues and meet the strictest IT security policies, NTR features front and back office recording, an open architecture and is designed for standard off-the-shelf hardware and virtualization solutions. Fast, flexible access to recorded data enables firms to rapidly resolve disputes and clarify transactions.


Capture, Manage & Prove all Financial Communications

NICE offers a complete solution that facilitates rigorous recording and monitoring of regulated users communication activities, which is key to a firm ability to meet the stringent regulatory demands and achieve an operating environment that protects customers and the firm reputation.