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Transforming Communication Compliance

Experts from NICE discuss today’s recording and compliance challenges and demonstrate how the NICE approach can make your compliance processes more manageable.

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Trade@Home Business Continuity Strategies for Remote Trading
Listen to experts from NICE, IPC, and Cloud9 learn how you can quickly adapt your trading infrastructure to support your remote workforce, in a compliant, secure way.
Trade@Home Ensuring Trade Compliance Continuity in Uncertain Times
Round Table discussion on the regulatory implications of the COVID-19 crisis, how other leading firms are addressing this unique situation, and share best practices to assist with your business continuity planning.
Holistic Surveillance Reg BI Countdown: Strategies to Ensure Compliance
NICE Actimize and Bates Group discuss new tools, technology, and process changes to help your firm comply with Regulation Best Interest
Holistic Surveillance How to Make the Transformation to Holistic Surveillance
Are you Holistic? There has never been a better time to make the transformation, watch this webinar and learn how
Holistic Surveillance Trade Compliance 2020
NICE Actimize experts discuss the trends and strategies to navigate the next decade of surveillance
Holistic Surveillance Re-evaluating Suitability & Compliance Approaches for High-Risk Customers
PIMFA Learning Webinar with experts from NICE Actimize and PIMFA
Holistic Surveillance SURVEIL-X: Supercharge Your Holistic Trade Surveillance Strategy
With experts from NICE Actimize and PwC
Comm. Compliance The Next Generation of Trading Compliance Recording & Assurance
Webinar by The TRADE with KPMG and Wilmac
Holistic Surveillance Conquering Reg BI with Confidence: The Role of Surveillance Technology
With experts from NICE Actimize
Comm. Compliance NICE Compliance Assurance - Demo Webinar Series
A Series of 7 Webinars with uses cases and demos of NICE COMPASS
All 7 Webinars are available on-demand in the Resource Center


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