The Next Generation of Trading Compliance Recording & Assurance

July 25
NY 10:00 AM / 16:00 UK

APAC Webinar Series

Compliance Recording & Assurance Best Practices

Next Webinar: July 25
9:00 AM Singapore/Hong Kong
11:00 AM Sydney


NICE Compliance Assurance
Demo Webinar Series

Upcoming Friday Webinar:
August 2 | 10am NY / 3pm UK


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On-Demand Webinars


Conquering Reg BI with Confidence: The Role of Surveillance Technology

Webinar by NICE Actimize



Transform Communications Surveillance with Natural Language Understanding & Machine Learning

Webinar by NICE Actimze

DON’T COMPROMISE: Overcoming Today’s Market Abuse
Surveillance Challenges

With PwC and The TRADE


NICE Compliance Assurance
Demo Webinar Series

Webinars by NICE Compliance

Cross Border and Suitability Compliance

Webinar hosted by RegTech
Analyst, speakers from Aité and SAXO Bank 


Cracking the Code: Bringing Accuracy to
E-Communications Surveillance

Webinar hosted by Financial Technology Forum (FTF) 

The Next Generation of eComms Surveillance Solutions

Webinar with Actimize experts
and hosted by the TRADE 


FINRA is focused on high risk brokers.
Are you?

Webinar by NICE Actimize
and PwC

How are you managing the need to demonstrate trade reconstruction?

Webinar by Intelligent Trading Technology



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