Complete Surveillance Coverage

The SURVEIL-X Holistic Trade Compliance platform analyzes and correlates all trade related data:

  • Comprehensive surveillance coverage for all regulatory needs
  • Breaks down barriers between data silos enabling deeper analysis and true risk detection
  • Goes beyond simple thresholds and detection rules to correlate all relevant data sources
  • Can connect to, ingest and analyze data from many real-time data sources, including all forms of communications

Out-of-the-Box Models
Asset Classes
Communication Types


SURVEIL-X takes your Trade-Related Surveillance to a Whole New Level

Multi-Dimensional Analytics Using all Trade-Related Data
Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process all Communications
Events Reconstructed to Demonstrate True Intent
Discovers Previously Unknown Risk
Cloud Agility and Cost Savings
Provides Full Global Regulatory Coverage


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The First AI-Powered True Holistic Surveillance Solution

The race between evolving compliance demands and conduct risk exposes your organization to severe reputational damage and fines. The latest regulations require you to identify intent, which lies deep in your communications and trade data.

Watch the Video on SURVEIL-X Holistic Surveillance

Click to enlarge and see SURVEIL-X story vizualization screen

Case Management with Story Visualization

  • Gain insights into market movements, market events, trading patterns, and conversations
  • Clearly see what was done and said and why – with links to related market data, news, communications, HR data, compensation information, etc.
  • Visualize market movements and the potential impacts of trades at the microsecond level
  • Streamline case management and investigations with process driven workflows
  • Reconstruct trade timelines up to 50 times faster with automated trade reconstruction

What’s New?
Analyst Report

NICE Actimize named "Category Leader" in report:
SPARK Matrix™: Trade Surveillance and Monitoring, 2022

NICE Actimize’’s SURVEIL-X scored highest across Technology Excellence and Customer Impact performance metrics