Comprehensive Communications Surveillance and Risk Detection

SURVEIL-X Communication provides comprehensive surveillance coverage for all communication modalities (email, chat, video, and voice), asset classes and languages, in a single cloud-ready solution.

SURVEIL-X Communication includes advanced features like natural language understanding (NLU), built-in transcription, contextual querying, integrated case management and interactive dashboards, along with proven risk detection models which can help you weed out false positives, bolster efficiency, drive down costs and reduce regulatory risk.

Analyst Report

NICE Actimize named "Category Leader" in report:
Chartis RiskTech Quadrant: Communications Monitoring Solutions 2022

NICE Actimize’s SURVEIL-X achieved the report’s highest best-in-class rating scores in audio and voice analytics capabilities as well as in detection analytics..

All Communications Surveillance Coverage in One Solution

SURVEIL-X Communication monitors one-hundred percent of your regulated employee communications, across all voice and electronic communication channels – turrets, desktop phones, mobile, email, instant messaging, chat, texts, social media, unified communications, and even document attachments.

SURVEIL-X Communication seamlessly connects to your existing communication archiving systems (both NICE and third party) to ingest structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. All data is WORM-protected so it can’t be overwritten or deleted. Built in voice transcription (powered by Nexidia) SURVEIL-X Communication accurately converts voice communications to text.

Ingested data is automatically cleaned, normalized, converted to an industry standard format, and indexed, so it can be analyzed, understood and leveraged across SURVEIL-X Communication’s compliance applications.

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The Benefit of using SURVEIL-X Communication

  • One surveillance solution for all communication modalities, including voice
  • Built-in transcription accurately converts speech to text
  • Advanced language understanding reveals true context of communications, reducing false positives by up to 90%
  • More accurate detection than lexicon-based solutions
  • Provides insight into risky communications for improved decision-making
  • Expansive coverage: analyzes communications in 45 different languages
  • Leverages GreenKey NLP for highly accurate analysis of trader jargon
  • Out-of-the-box detection models provide unparalleled conduct risk detection coverage across dozens of languages, covering every asset class and key regulation
  • DIY analytics via drag-and-drop interface enables firms to create custom rules
  • Uncovers hidden risk and underlying intent within vast repositories of communications data
  • Provides instant access to billions of records with fast investigative search and automatic reconstruction tools
  • Reduces the cost of compliance by automating compliance workflows and improving overall efficiency of compliance analysts by up to 80%
  • Reduces regulatory and business risk by using advanced machine learning techniques and Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven analytics and models to automatically review 100 % of regulated employee communications
  • Ensures full compliance with MiFID II, Dodd-Frank and FX Global Code regulations around communications surveillance
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through intelligent analytics and cloud deployment
  • Advanced anomaly detection improves risk detection without adding resources or overhead
  • Provides a path to holistic surveillance, and improved risk detection
  • Easily "turn on" additional specialized SURVEIL-X capabilities (e.g. SURVEIL-X Conduct, SURVEIL-X Suitability)



SURVEIL-X Communication

Download the 12 pages brochure on SURVEIL-X Communication from the Resource Center and learn more about:
  1. Integrated Case Management Streamlines Investigations
  2. Advanced Anomaly Detection: Improve Risk Detection without Requiring Additional Resources
  3. Out-of-The Box and Custom Reporting Dashboards
  4. The Path to Holistic Surveillance