Ensure Regulatory Compliance, Increase Audit Responsiveness and Reduce Fines

The Communications Surveillance solution is part of the SURVEIL-X Holistic Surveillance platform and reduces your compliance risk and costs with Communications Surveillance using Natural-Language Understanding (NLU) driven analytics and models tuned for financial markets to pinpoint suspicious communications, including voice, and automating the investigative process.

  • Analyzes 100% of Trader’s Conversations
  • Reduces False Positives up to 93%
  • Boosts Compliance Analyst Productivity
White Paper

From Lexicon to Language: Overcoming the Challenges of E-Communications Surveillance

Download from our Resource Center your complimentary copy of this Aite Group report, and many more reports from Celent, Opimas and A-Team Group, on trade and communications surveillance solutions.

Understands Trading Language to Efficiently Investigate Compliance Threats

The NICE Actimize Communications Surveillance solution can reduce your firm’s financial, regulatory and reputational risk by accurately detecting market manipulation, and enabling analysts to efficiently investigate threats.

The solution leverages Natural-Language Understanding (NLU) techniques, including linguistic tools and text analytics, to correctly understand the context of communications. Integrated with the NICE Actimize Enterprise Risk Case Manager (ActOne), this powerful module of the SURVEIL-X Holistic Surveillance platform provides integrated compliance workflows and reporting capabilities that meet the needs of the world’s most complex compliance departments.

Improve efficiency with Automation and End-to-End Case Management

Analyze All Communications

Automatically analyze 100% of trader’s conversations, across ALL communication channels, including email, chat, text messages, social media, and even voice - the transcription engine from Nexidia can understand audio in 44 different languages.

Reduce False Positives

By using Natural Language Understanding (NLU)-enhanced analytics and models tuned for financial markets, the Communications Surveillance platform understands the true context of conversations to more accurately pinpoint and flag suspicious e-communications. This can reduce false positives alerts up to 93%!

Boosts Productivity

Integration with ActOne Investigation & Case Manager boosts compliance analyst productivity to accelerate audit responsiveness by automating workflows, escalations, requests for information, reporting and story building. Analysts are presented with a queue of flagged conversations to review, and policy-driven workflows guide them through each stage of the investigation. Analysts can instantly escalate a case for a more thorough investigation and launch the optional Automated Trade Reconstruction solution to reconstruct entire trades with the click of a mouse.