The High Cost of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance can be costly as regulators regularly hand down stiff penalties for compliance breaches. Do you want to protect your firm from fines, reputational damage, and unnecessary down-time costs? With NICE Proactive Support and Managed Services you can be assured your NICE Communication Compliance estate is always operational.

Traditional or Proactive Support

NICE offers traditional support options through its global support organization. We have over 1,900 experts strategically located around the world to ensure immediate attention to any issues you encounter. Our intelligent 24x7 Support Center uses global skills matching to connect you with the support expert most qualified to handle your request, for the fastest resolution. Use our Customer Support Portal to open, track, and view online service requests, create customizable quick links, communicate with case owners, and run reports. Problem reporting is also supported 24x7 via email. NICE support specialists are able to provide secure remote support to you via your VPN, or via another NICE-supported remote access tool. Phone and remote support is always available during regular business hours with two-hour callback guaranteed. And depending on your SLA, full 24x7 coverage is also available.

NICE’s Proactive Support plan was designed to complement NICE’s traditional support offering by adding four support options to proactively address problems before they get out of hand. NICE’s four-pronged advanced services approach protects against recording loss by proactively monitoring your firm’s global recording estate around-the clock, ensuring all sites are on the latest software release, and providing a single point of contact and accountability for problem resolution, backed by a team of expertly trained support engineers.

Enhanced Maintenance

With NICE’s enhanced maintenance package, your firm receives 24x7 follow-the-sun support for all global locations, with clearly defined SLAs and next level support on demand. Under enhanced maintenance, your firm also has access to the latest NICE software upgrades to maximize consistency, supportability and reliability across its recording estate.

Application Performance Services (APS)

The APS is the eyes of NICE’s managed services operation and the front line of defense in protecting against recording loss. Leveraging NICE’s advanced Sentinel monitoring solution, the APS team of 35+ engineers proactively monitors your recording system across all of your regional locations (Americas, EMEA and APAC) to ensure that all systems are operational, and recording and archiving correctly. APS also provides a single point of contact for fielding, logging, and tracking support cases. This ensures that all open issues get prompt attention, and are followed through to resolution. The APS group also creates detailed monthly reports highlighting case volumes, severity, resolution times, top trending issues, and SLA performance, so you always have in depth insight.

Operational Support Engineers (OSE)

Your firm is also supported by a dedicated team of Operations Support Engineers (OSEs) and Dedicated Site Engineers (DSEs). The OSEs are the heart of your firm’s dedicated managed services support team. OSEs work on cases escalated by APS Engineers. They also oversee the daily management of your global recording system (including administration, management of patches/ versions/licenses, transaction retrieval, investigations, and MACs, also known as Moves, Adds and Changes). MACs can create huge administrative headaches, especially for large, global banks. The OSEs assist with these vital functions to ensure that all of your firm’s regulated users are in the system correctly and being recorded, and to address other ongoing financial communications compliance needs and requirements. The OSEs also perform recording and archiving health checks, and report back on any anomalies or failures.

Dedicated Site Engineers (DSE)

NICE’s Dedicated Site Engineers are highly trained professionals who provide escalation support and a dedicated technical point of contact for especially challenging support issues. They can remotely diagnose and resolve recording issues fast to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. Additionally, the DSEs are able to triage problems directly with NICE R&D for quicker case resolution. DSEs also provide cross-training and knowledge transfer to your firm’s representatives, and are a focal point for creating and coordinating all process documentation related to change control and capacity planning. The DSEs provide vital engineering support for recording system upgrades, expansions, configuration changes, and deployments to new locations.