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For organizations with regulated users, continuing to deliver on client expectations and business objectives, while also meeting regulatory compliance obligations is imperative, even in these extraordinary times.
Find here resources to help you and your financial markets compliance teams navigate these challenges.

Detect & Prevent Non-compliant Activities

We can provide your firm with the complete compliance coverage required by today’s financial markets regulations - an environment which requires a view across assets, instruments, communications, markets, and regulatory jurisdictions.

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Introducing SURVEIL-X

The First AI-Powered True Holistic Surveillance Solution

The race between evolving compliance demands and conduct risk exposes your organization to severe reputational damage and fines. The latest regulations require you to identify intent, which lies deep in your communications and trade data.

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3 Take-Aways From SIFMA’s Reg BI Forum

SIFMA recently hosted the Regulation Best Interest Vendor Forum in New York. Dave Ackerman was part of the panel "Documenting Best Interest, Supervision and Surveillance," and shares his 3 top of mind take-aways from the discussions.

Capture, Manage & Prove all Financial Communications

NICE offers a complete solution that facilitates rigorous recording and monitoring of regulated users communication activities, which is key to a firm ability to meet the stringent regulatory demands and achieve an operating environment that protects customers and the firm reputation.

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