Need a Compliance Recording Solution for Microsoft Teams? 5 Reasons NICE is The Only Choice.

If your firm is one the tens of thousands of companies using Microsoft Teams (and its embedded collaboration tools for voice, video, chat and more), you’re likely reaping the benefits of improved productivity, digital transformation, and real-time collaboration.

But if you’re a financial services firm with regulated employees, there are other important considerations too. For example, you’re probably aware that under PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II and other trading regulations, all regulated employee communications must be recorded. This holds true for Microsoft Teams voice, video and chat as well.

Looking for a solution to capture and retain your Teams communications? Look no further than NICE Compliance Recording (NTR-X). The industry’s only all-in-one compliance-focused trade conversation recording platform, NTR-X is used by the world’s leading banks and investment firms to record and retain trade conversations from turrets, desktop phones, mobile phones, and Unified Communications platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Symphony and Cisco Webex.

There are five reasons why NTR-X should be your go-to solution for Microsoft Teams and other compliance recording needs:

1. One Solution for All Communication Platforms and Modalities

NTR-X provides one system to record and manage all communications. It adapts to all of the different ways your regulated employees communicate, whether they’re using unified communications platforms (like Teams, Symphony and Cisco Webex), IPC Unigy or other turrets, Cloud9, mobile phones, or PBX (desktop phones).

Additionally, NTR-X ensures seamless recording, archiving, and retention of regulated employee communications (across voice, video, chat, screen sharing, document sharing and more), irrespective of where employees are working or the devices/modalities they’re using to communicate.

With one solution for every compliance recording need, your firm can keep overhead costs low and confidently comply with all global regulations around record keeping, retention and trade reconstruction.

2. Single, Centralized, Open Solution for Managing Your Entire Global Recording Estate

As your firm expands its global footprint, you need compliance solutions that can be deployed anywhere and everywhere, but also managed from one central location. The problem is – most recording and compliance solutions are designed to be deployed and managed locally. This can be cost prohibitive because you need local IT resources with the know-how to maintain and manage these applications.

As the only communication recording and compliance assurance solution to offer true centralized global control and oversight for all regions and lines of business, NTR-X can help your firm reduce regulatory risk and keep costs in check.

NTR-X reduces compliance risk and complexity by providing a single portal for centrally managing compliance assurance and recording functions across your entire global enterprise. This includes searching and replaying recordings (across all locations, modalities and regulated users); implementing adds, moves or changes; configuring retention periods for asset classes, lines of business, and regulated user groups (based on specific global and/or regional regulations for records retention); and setting up rules for legal holds (up to 6 million holds per day).

Additionally, NTR-X’s available APIs enable you to further automate processes and integrate with third party systems and applications:

  • Export – use data in other systems or reporting tools
  • Search & Replay – fully audited search for calls and unencrypted replay
  • Provisioning – enables automated user management
  • System Health – proactively monitor system health within other applications
  • Business Data – data can be used for Business Intelligence and other reporting tools
  • Ingestion – centralized provisioning with all actions fully audited for reporting
3. Integrated Compliance Assurance and Capture in a Single Platform

Is your firm drowning under the weight of expanding regulations that require you to record more conversations, for more users, across more modalities and adhere to strict timetables for responding to regulator requests, while also providing proof of recording and retention compliance? Relying on manual processes and home-grown solutions to navigate a maze of compliance challenges can introduce risk and drive-up compliance costs.

The first and only all-in-one communication recording and compliance assurance solution for complete lifecycle management of data, NTR-X reduces compliance risk and saves time by automating processes around compliance assurance and reporting, as well as responding to regulatory requests. With NTR-X’s automated recording checks and real-time reconciliation, you can ensure and prove that all trade conversations are being captured and retained as required by global regulations. NTR-X’s automated bulk call extraction capability can quickly identify, locate and download complete conversations (1 million+ calls per day) for audits, investigations, trade reconstructions and business intelligence.

Additionally, NTR-X Analytics automates costly and time-consuming manual processes around transcribing trade communications for e-Discovery and keyword searching.

4. Cloud-Ready: Migrate at Your Own Pace

As compliance costs grow and regulated organizations cope with the added complexities of remote work and new communication modalities, financial services firms are turning to the Cloud in growing numbers to power their digital transformation.

NTR-X is built on a modern, cloud-ready, microservice architecture design that provides an enterprise grade, secure and proven foundation for multinational firms to scale their recording and compliance assurance capabilities quickly, cost effectively and efficiently.

With NTR-X you can migrate to the Cloud at your own pace. Your firm can deploy NTR-X in any configuration – as an on-premise or hybrid Cloud solution, in your own private Cloud, or as a pure SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the Microsoft Azure Cloud for added versatility and lower TCO.

Current NTR customers can seamlessly upgrade to NTR-X and achieve up to 65% or more TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings.

5. Most Comprehensive Compliance Suite: Seamless Integration with Surveillance

As part of an end-to-end, fully integrated NICE Compliance Cloud suite, NTR-X is the only Microsoft Teams recording solution that can bridge communications capture and surveillance. It does this by working alongside NICE’s SURVEIL-X Holistic Surveillance solution. Using advanced analytics and AI (including Natural Language Understanding), SURVEIL-X can accurately detect all types of market abuse and conduct risk, by monitoring regulated employee communications across every communication channel (voice, video, chat, etc.) and platform, including Microsoft Teams.


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