NICE Announces Engagement with Microsoft Across Multiple Platforms

We're happy to anounnce that we are expanding our collaboration with Microsoft, and will develop new integrations for Microsoft Teams. With soon to be added NICE Trading Recording (NTR), NICE inContact CXone and NICE Multi Channel Recording integrations, organizations will be able to effortlessly collaborate with the contact center, to record, monitor and provide security to the Teams environment.

This builds upon NICE’s existing Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) and IP Co-Sell Program memberships, which began with NICE Public Safety’s successful use of Microsoft Azure. As part of an elite group of global software vendors, NICE has engaged with Microsoft for collaborative joint sales, support and go-to-market initiatives. NICE and Microsoft have created a relationship which brings customers a complete Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform, the Communication Compliance (NTR) solutions with significant experience in the financial industry, and enterprise scale Multi Channel Recording in NICE Engage.

NTR and Microsoft Teams

The relationship that is developing between NICE and Microsoft continues to be a success, so much so that it has expanded within the NICE portfolio. At NICE, we deliver innovative technology that empowers organizations to improve their customer experiences and ensure regulatory compliance. Microsoft understands the value that our broad portfolio brings to the table and has engaged with NICE to drive customer experience and compliance initiatives all over the world.

With this extended engagement with Microsoft, NICE Trading Recording (NTR) will provide enterprise-wide communication compliance recording and assurance that enables firms to expand the use of the Microsoft Teams collaboration software across the enterprise, including all of their regulated users who are required to be recorded.