Skype for Business Recording

Financial institutions are facing more stringent Regulatory Compliance demands for proactive and precise recording, retention and retrieval of ALL trading interactions. Adding the recording of Skype for Business users to your current NICE Trading Recording (NTR) solution offers the essential feature of having ONE central portal to manage all your trading conversations.

The NICE recording platform is future ready to capture all Skype for Business communication types like voice, video, chat, screen sharing and more. The ability to record Microsoft Teams conversations will be available shortly.

NICE Trading Recording (NTR) is the One Recording Solution for All Types of Recording
Secure, Scalable and Flexible

One Place for All Trading Communication



The integration between Skype for Business and NICE Trading Recording (NTR) is a CTI-based connectivity that facilitates Active IP Recording. The Recording Integration uses a Back-end Link Combiner (BELC) installed next to the Call Controller on the CTI Server, and Front-end Link Controllers on the Skype for Business Front End Servers, which connect to the BELC. This integration introduces a new NICE Media Proxy Server, which handles internal calls from endpoint to endpoint, and sends the audio to the recorder, if a call needs to be recorded. Audio Forkers, installed on all Microsoft Skype for Business Servers that process audio, capture the SRTP audio streams and send them to the NTR recorder servers.


Next to partial resilience options, NICE offers for Skype for Business recording a 2N Recording System Resilience option. This solution involves two complete recording systems, recording two identical audio streams. This ensures lossless recording whenever a system component (and consequently, the system) fails. 2N Recording System Resilience is achieved by installing two completely configured recording systems in one Skype for Business Recording Integration. There is no functional difference between both recording systems. Both are active and record independently from each other. As a result, all audio and call data will be available in duplicate. No failover mechanism is required, so in case one recording system fails, the other continues recording, without losing any calls.

One Solution for All Recording

NICE’s Skype for Business recording solution is an integral part of NICE’s industry-leading communications surveillance solution for identifying compliance and fraud risks across multiple communication channels. This includes peer-to-peer voice sessions, conference calls, email, chat, the audio of Skype video calls, mobile communications, and more. With Skype for Business recording from NICE, Skype calls are routed via a NICE Media Proxy, meaning that financial institutions can fully benefit from their previous investments in NICE’s recording solutions even as the communications platform changes. This integration significantly lowers the total cost of ownership and provides peace of mind for organizations that have grown to depend on the reliability of NICE solutions.


Capture, Manage & Prove all Financial Communications

NICE offers a complete solution that facilitates rigorous recording and monitoring of regulated users communication activities, which is key to a firm ability to meet the stringent regulatory demands and achieve an operating environment that protects customers and the firm reputation.