Archive 2019

Date Title Author Category
18 Nov. NICE Actmize is Transforming the Compliance Landscape » Arno Sybrandy Holistic Surveillance
31 Oct. Don’t Panic: Business as Usual as FINRA Ramps Up Preparedness Reviews » Dave Ackerman Regulations
19 Sep. The Summer of Financial Regulation in Singapore » Jason Merritt Regulations
10 Sep. Use AI-Driven Managed Analytics Service to Power Your Compliance Investigations and Surveillance Detection » Arno Sybrandy Holistic Surveillance
19 Aug. Introducing Innovative Reg BI Surveillance Solution to Help Organizations Comply with SEC’s New Regulation Best Interest » Arno Sybrandy Holistic Surveillance
29 Jul. NICE Announces Engagement with Microsoft Across Multiple Platforms » Arno Sybrandy Comm. Surveillance
10 Jul. NICE COMPASS Real-Time Recording Reconciliation Now Supports IPC Unigy Environments » Arno Sybrandy Comm. Surveillance
20 Jun. An In-depth look at the SEC’s Regulation Best Interest » Dave Ackerman Regulations
29 May The Benefits of an Automated Audio-to-Text Transcription Process » Arno Sybrandy Comm. Compliance
21 May FCA’s MiFID and MAR Fines Begin, Buy-Side Takes Note » Virginie O’Shea Regulations
6 May Enhanced Intelligent eComms Surveillance Solution with Next Generation Machine Learning and Investigative Tools » Arno Sybrandy Holistic Surveillance
29 Apr. Are Compliance Teams Feeling the Impact of RegTech? » Dave Ackerman Regulations
8 Apr. Cryptocurrency Compliance - Actimize Uncut Video Series » Dave Ackerman Regulations
26 Mar. How to Optimize Suitability Solutions Amid Increasing Regulatory Confusion » Paul DiBlasi Holistic Surveillance
11 Mar. NICE Compliance Assurance Solution enhanced with Real-time Recording Reconciliation » Arno Sybrandy Comm. Surveillance
4 Mar. Seeing the Cloud Through the Fog of Brexit » Dave Ackerman Regulations
25 Feb. Enhanced Sales Practices & Suitability Solution with Flexible Client Review Models and Investigative Tools » Arno Sybrandy Holistic Surveillance
18 Feb. Compromise is Good for Politics, Not Surveillance » Paul DiBlasi Holistic Surveillance
11 Feb. Award for "Best MiFID II Trading Solution for US Clients" From Pageant Media » Arno Sybrandy Comm. Compliance
23 Jan. Mastering Householding to Increase Returns and Reduce Risk » Dave Ackerman Regulations
14 Jan. NICE Actimize Scores Best-in-Class Ranking in Aite Group Trade Surveillance Report » Arno Sybrandy Holistic Surveillance